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As a Certified Christian Family Life Coach, ​I’ve spent over 30 years learning and ​educating myself in human development, ​family psychology, and early childhood ​development. Earning several degrees in ​these particular fields, along with being ​trained as a strengths based coach has ​afforded me the opportunity to be ​passionate about helping others live their ​best lives.

As a mom, serial entrepreneur, and founder ​of a nonprofit organization, DFW Kids On The ​Move, coaching is one of my absolute ​favorite things to do.

I look forward to working with you and your ​family!

May God bless you indeed,

Coach Teia

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support for the journey


My goal is to help you re-imagine your life. With extensive ​experience in Life Coaching and a vast history of client ​success, my individualized positivity approach will help you ​attain your goals.

taking the steps

Committing to a healthier lifestyle is ​just that – a commitment, and it’s a ​big one that will take a lot of ​dedication. My commitment is to ​provide you with accountability, ​understanding and support.

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professionalism & experience


Professionalism and Experience

As a professionally trained and experienced life coach, I ​have the tools and understanding to help you create the life ​you imagine and get a renewed sense of self.

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We had the good fortune of connecting ​with Teia Jones and we’ve shared our ​conversation below.

Hi Teia, how has your perspective on ​work-life balance evolved over time?

Everything operates in seasons and ​stages. Even in our atmosphere, there are ​seasons..Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. ​In the life cycle, there is pregnancy, ​infancy, toddler, childhood, adolescence, ​young adulthood, and so forth. Everything ​has a season.

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Learn the value of ​Gratitud​e.

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se​lf - care

Learn ways to practice ​self care daily.

Mental Health Brain Design

Learn why your mental ​hea​lth matters.

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live coaching sessions


Family ​matters

1 hr 10 min|Price Varies

Is the Family Group Coaching ​program best for you? Each week, ​we’ll discuss: Effective ​Communication Creating Synergy ​Family Vision Boards Effective Family ​Meetings Topics may vary depending ​upon the needs of the group. * ​Individual family group coaching ​programs are also available. Before ​joining the group coaching, all ​attendees must be interviewed and ​accepted into the program.

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being a ​caregiver

1 hr 10 min|Price Varies

As a personal caregiver to both ​parents fir over 20+ years, I learned ​valuable things that I now share with ​other family caregivers to make your ​essential role more manageable. In ​this program, you’ll learn: Self-Care - ​Avoid Caregiver Burnout How To ​Build a Health Management Team ​How To Utilize Resources, and so ​much more.

become an ​Incredible ​Parent

1 hr|Price varies

How would you like to learn how to ​parent through your strengths and ​not your weaknesses? After taking ​the Incredible Strength ​Assessments, you’ll learn what your ​top 6 strengths are and how to use ​them to parent more effectively. ​Coaching sessions are 6 week

Raising ​Confident ​Kids

1 hr|Price Varies

Join this interactive coaching ​program where you’ll learn how to ​raise your child to be more confident ​and assertive along with other ​parents. This class is only one ​session, held once per month.

1 hr|Price Varies

Are you a working mom with mom guilt? ​Are you trying to balance ​entrepreneurship and home? Did you ​know that there are some key things that ​you can do today to help create synergy ​and support from your family members? ​In this coaching session we’ll discuss ​practical ways to help you be more ​balanced in your home and in your life. ​We’ll create a plan that will help you feel ​more confidence in your life when you ​create a family plan that finally works.

While Mommy ​Is Working

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no more

No more

mommy guilt

Do you feel Mom Guilt? Are you a ​mom that feels guilty because you ​have to work and your kids are in ​daycare? Do you feel guilty that you ​cannot fulfill the entire wish list that ​your kids have given you? Do you feel ​guilty because you're not the ​television or social media mom? Let's ​talk about what this feels like in our ​special group coaching. Let's find ​ways to release the mom guilt and do ​the absolute best that you can do. ​Let's finally free ourselves from mom ​guilt.

life balance

finding ​balance for ​your family

We are a company that aims to

help businesses accomplish their goals by providing them with simple and effective sales and marketing solutions.

We value impactful work, open collaboration, and a spirit of diversity and inclusion.



family vision ​boards

Create a family vision board that will ​help your family move to the next ​level. Most families have not created ​a plan or a goal in which they can ​work in synergy.

Let me show you how to create a ​vision board your family that will ​produce more effective ​communication.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you cannot find an answer to your question.

How does coaching work?

Coaching is an interactive experience where we discover your goals and your ​passions and use them to help you travel down a path to the life you want.

Is it confidential?

100%! What happens in our sessions stays in our sessions, just like seeing a ​therapist.

How long does it typically take to see results?

The time that your coaching process will take depends on the complexity of your ​goals and your commitment and openness to your process.

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